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I don’t tell personal stories often, but when I do it’s probably for Everyone Is Gay.

My bosses + friends Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid are just a few weeks from the official release of their book ‘This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids,’ and for every book pre-ordered, a copy will be donated to a local PFLAG chapter. We’d really like to reach all 350+ chapters, and do our part to give more parents and kids more tools to help create open, positive conversations and relationships. The personal feelz below are why this is so, so important to me.  

Almost four years ago, when I was a very anxious (and probably very depressed) 18-year-old, I stumbled upon a website that simultaneously made me laugh my ass off AND helped contextualize my experience within a larger community I had never before been exposed to, felt comfortable in, or realized I was a part of… and that shit helped me through some tough times. was my safest space. 

Today, I am four months away from another graduation, and I have been fortunate enough to work with Dannielle and Kristin for over 6 months on the launch of The Parents Project among many other things—with no intention of stopping any time soon. Holding their freshly-printed book in my hands, while sitting in my own company’s new office space at the Fordham Foundry, overlooking the New York City neighborhood I ran away from my 18-year-old self to in 2011—and feeling truly proud and at home—is a really awesome feeling. 

Dannielle and Kristin’s work made a huge impact on my life before I ever met them, and it’s an amazing thing to feel like I’ve emerged on the other side of the confusion, anxiety, and fear that is all too common among kids who feel like they’re not “normal” with the amazing opportunity to pay it forward by supporting them in that work every day. These ladies had my back before they even knew me, and now they are some of my greatest personal supporters… and I have their backs, too, which is why I ask you to consider the following: 

Take a moment to learn more about this book, think about who you think it could help the most right now, and pre-order a copy—with the added bonus of knowing that another copy will be given to other people who desperately need it. At the very least, please share the link to spread the love. Thank you!! 

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.


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do u ever just want to punch the world in the face

But it’s not about race, right America?

Lets not ignore the gender element as well

This makes me feel sick